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The Ohio Department of Education has many rules and regulations, governed by both the Ohio Revised Code and Federal Law. Thus, there are many legal aspects with which your family might need assistance. Attorneys Wallace and Bache are capable of handling a variety of issues, such as:

- Disciplinary Issues, Including Suspensions and Expulsions (Including Appeals For Those Issues)

- Bullying

- Harassment

- Discrimination

- Special Education Services

- Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

- IEP Issues, Whether It Be The Current IEP, Or The School's Failure To Offer An IEP

- Free Appropriate Public Education issues

- Denial Of A Parent's Meaningful Input

- Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and 504 Plan Issues

- Failure To Provide Accommodations Or Implement Accommodations

- Failure To Provide Educational Records or FERPA Issues

- Failure to Provide Due Process And Many Other Areas As Well

Education is a vital component in today's world. The learning experience shapes the future lives of students, their families and their communities. Education is core to the American way of life, but issues that threaten a student's educational experience can occur at any school from the most prestigious private higher education institutions to a public K-12 institution. The threat of expulsion, program access, bullying, or some other school issue can impair the student's learning environment and thus their future quality of life.

For most, understanding Ohio's educational laws is not easy. That's why attorneys Jason Wallace & Daniel Bache are willing and able to take on your case against the wrong-doings your child might have experienced. It is their job to navigate the law and guide you and your child to the best possible outcome. 

Attorneys Wallace and Bache are devoted to both litigation and settlement. While confident in the courtroom, they also encourage alternative resolutions, such as settlement through negotiations and mediation. They pride themselves on educating clients on all possible outcomes for their case to assure their complete and total understanding throughout the entire process.

Attorneys Wallace and Bache serve a wide range of clientele and every client relationship is valued greatly and treated with dignity and respect. Knowledge, experience, care, and attention are their promises to you.